Revenue Solutions


How Its Done


By placing your aircraft with JETEX's 135 certificate we will make up the difference between the hours you fly each year and the hours you don't. There is no need to give up control of your aircraft by blocking dates in advance.


At the beginning of each month, you commit to a certain number of days to make your aircraft available for charter. We take if from there, generating the revenue you desire on the dates you have selected. The rest of your schedule is free to fly whenever you wish.

Either way, JETEX will generate that precious revenue around your schedule.

Dedicated Team

JETEX has a dedicated sales team whose purpose is to forge relationships with new customers and place quality charters on your jet. Our sales professionals are familiar with the various makes and models of business jet aircraft. They will leverage their long-standing customer relationships to generate revenue for your aircraft.

Sales and Flight Coordination

At JETEX we keep our sales and flight coordination teams separate enabling us to provide premium client service. Our dedicated sales team focuses on finding quality charter for your aircraft, while the flight coordination team concentrates on synchronizing all the details to ensure a great flying experience. There is never a conflict between flight operations and the marketing of your aircraft for charter.



JETEX has developed one-on-one relationships with numerous clients around the globe. In addition to our client list, we also have strong relationships with leading fractional providers and charter brokers. Our customers know that we stand behind our services.

Diverse Marketing

We ensure your aircraft receives maximum visibility. JETEX employs a combination of custom sales materials, photography, online advertising, direct mail and email programs, luxury lifestyle events, and industry forums.